BOUDOIR: When I think 'boudoir,' I think Marie Antoinette - lolling on a chaise-lounge, servants miraculously anticipating whims, pastel confections within easy reach. A cross-section of dictionary definitions says a boudoir is an elegant room, usually belonging to a woman, used both as a dressing room and to entertain guests (and - I imagine - 'entertain' guests as well). The noun stems from its French lineage in the verb 'bouder,' which means 'to sulk.' My inner sulk loves the idea of this. A room of one's own to self-indulgently pout? Pure genius, circa 1770.

I am a fan of confections and delicious things in general, and since I love making food and sharing it, what better way to share this love than through a blog (thanks to S. et al for the initial prompting!). After all, could a blog not be considered a 21st century self-indulgent 'pouting room,' albeit a virtual one? I'll do my best to keep the pouting and sulking to a minimum, and the self-indulgence limited to sensual and tangible things like butter, sugar, eggs, cream, chocolate, caramel, anythingwithbacon - that kind of thing. A boudoir, after all, is a place that calls for dishes that beguile and seduce, dishes to share with friends or, erm,...better friends.

Perhaps my favourite definition I came across says a boudoir is a "room where a lady may retire to be alone." I took comfort when I read that definition. I think every lady (and gentleman) needs a place to retreat to - a place of Self. For me, that 'boudoir' is my kitchen.


LIKE A BOLT (OF FABRIC) OUT OF THE BLUE: The name for this blog was inspired by a chance comment made by my good friend T. whilst shopping for fabric for some new pillows for my home. Fabric shopping, I found out, is not for the weak - as roll upon roll of beautiful material beckoned to us, promising lovely things when we touched them. One damask in particular flirted unabashedly with us, despite knowing it represented entirely the wrong colour scheme. As our hands roved over the soft and appealing fabrics, an 'ooh' was elicited from a particularly silky silk print. T. mentioned it would make a perfect dressing gown, you know, very 'boudoir.' And then we took a closer look/feel, and T. noticed the print on the silk was a cornucopia of fruits, vegetables, and vines, in hues of gold and aubergine at which point he quickly added: 'kitchen boudoir' and I laughed. Then I paused. Then I felt the silk some more. Then I paused again. Then I said: "Is that my new blog name?" to which he replied: "It's perfect." Thanks, T - for the name and for the beautiful header!

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